Will I get paid for my totaled car at the same time as my injury claim?



In most car accident cases, the property damage claim is resolved much sooner than your bodily injury claim. You should not have to wait for your bodily injury claim to close to get paid for your property damage claim, nor should you have to wait for your property damage claim to close to get paid for your bodily injury claim. Property damage claims and bodily injury claims are handled separately and close separately.

The reason why property damage claims close before bodily injury claims close in most situations is because it does not take long to determine how much the property damage claim is worth. An appraiser for the insurance company and your selected body shop will determine how much it will cost to repair your car or an independent appraiser will determine how much your car is worth. This assessment can be done within one day.

It takes much longer to determine how much your bodily injury claim is worth. In the days following a car accident, it is unclear how much you have been injured. Doctors will not be able to tell you how long you will need medical treatment for nor will they be able to tell you how much all of your medical treatment will cost. Your body may heal quickly, or it may take weeks, months, or even years for your body to fully recover.

Furthermore, diagnostic testing such as x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and the like are not always ordered right away. Many doctors treat injured victims conservatively and only order diagnostic testing after weeks of medical treatment has not alleviated your pain. Therefore, it is difficult to determine to what extent you have been injured and how much your bodily injury claim is worth.

In some situations, your bodily injury claim will resolve quickly because you have been seriously injured and there is not enough insurance policy to compensate you fully for your injuries. For example, if you fracture a bone and the other party’s bodily injury liability policy is only $15,000, there is a high likelihood that the insurance carrier will offer to pay you immediately. In this situation, you will get paid for your bodily injury claim quickly and possibly before your property damage claim.

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By: Lem Garcia, car accident lawyer in West Covina