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This Is How You Handle A Traffic Stop

When you see those flashing lights behind you pulling you over, it’s very important that you follow a few simple steps to keep yourself out of trouble.

  1. Turn on your emergency lights and pull over. As soon as you can do so safely, pull over as far to the right as you can so the officer can safely approach your car.
  2. Be courteous. Stay in the car, roll your window down all the way, turn off your engine, and put both of your hands on the steering wheel. Turn on your interior light if it’s dark.
  3. Stay calm and keep quiet. Wait for the police to ask you for your license, insurance, and registration before going for it. When you begin looking for your items, let the officer know exactly what you’re doing.
  4.  Admit to nothing. The police are trained to ask you questions that will get you to admit to violating the law, such as, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Or, “How fast do you think you were going?” If the police makes a comment on your violation, such as, “You were 15 miles over the speed limit,” don’t admit to it, but don’t argue either.
  5. Apologize. If you don’t plan on fighting the ticket, apologize. Saying you’re sorry and that it won’t happen again might get you off with a warning.
  6. If asked to step out of your car, step out. You may have the right to stay in your car, but it’s probably best to step out of the car to avoid creating a tense situation.
  7. Don’t consent to a search. If the police ask if they can search your trunk or the interior of your car, exercise your 4th Amendment right and say no. You never know if someone accidentally left something in your car that shouldn’t be there. The police are not allowed to search your car without a warrant or your consent unless they are arresting you or if they have probable cause that crime is afoot.
  8. Sign the ticket. Signing the ticket doesn’t mean you’re admitting guilt, it just means that you agree to pay the fine or appear in court.
  9. Gather yourself and merge into traffic safely. After getting a ticket, you’re probably going to be upset. Take a minute to cool off and put your license and registration away. Once you’re ready to go, turn on your turn signal and merge safely.

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