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Can I get injured from a minor rear-end impact

can-i-get-injured-from-minor-rear-end-impactYes, it is absolutely possible to get seriously injured from a “minor” rear-end impact. While the insurance companies may argue that because your accident was “low impact” you did not get injured, you still have a bodily injury claim to pursue. For example, if you’ve been rear-ended by another driver while you were at a stop light and the property damage to your car doesn’t look that bad, it is very possible that you sustained an injury that will be difficult for you to recover from.

Sometimes people look at the damage to their car after a crash and if there is not that much damage to the car they assume that they do not have a bodily injury claim to pursue. This is not true. No matter how little or how much damage your car has, you have a bodily injury claim to pursue if you were injured.

What can feel like a very hard hit can result in very little property damage. This is especially so with cars that have a very strong bumper or in cars that have a trailer hitch. Trailer hitches are very resistant to crush and the damage to a car, truck, SUV, or van that has a trailer hitch will not show very much property damage after a rear-end impact.

Even if you are in a car that does not have a trailer hitch can withstand a lot of impact and not crush. Sometimes when the bumper does not crush, the force of the impact is then transferred into the occupants of the car, which can cause serious injury.

Personally, I was rear-ended several years ago and the repair estimate to my car was less than $2,000. The damage to my car did not very bad, but the damage to the other car was significant. As of today, I still experience significant back pain.

If the insurance company does not believe you when you tell them that you injured you back from a low-impact crash, don’t think that you don’t have a case to pursue. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to assess your case for free at most law firms.

Here at Lem Garcia Law, a personal injury law firm in West Covina, help people maximize their recovery for their bodily injury. Whether you were in a serious crash or a minor collision, we may be able to help you.

Case consultations are always free and without any obligation.

By: West Covina car accident attorney, Lem Garcia