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Hydroplaning accidents: who is responsible?

Hydroplaning often occurs due to the build-up of water on the front of an automobile’s tires. When a driver increases their speed over thirty-five miles per hour on wet roads, hydroplaning will cause the tires to move faster because of a lack of traction with the ground. Hydroplaning impacts the driver’s ability to control the vehicle’s functions, such as braking, steering, and accelerating. A hydroplaning auto accident can have devastating results due to the driver’s inability to use evasive maneuvers to avoid a crash causing the vehicle to drift out of a lane or move at a faster speed.

Who is Liable in a Hydroplaning Accident?

A hydroplaning accident can raise liability issues when it results in a car crash. The driver whose car hydroplaned may claim that the tires were designed defectively, allowing the buildup of water, while the accident victim in the other vehicle may believe that the other motorist was driving recklessly on wet road conditions.

Since hydroplane cases are often very complicated, having legal guidance can help take the stress off the accident victim’s shoulders, allowing them to focus on their recovery while their attorney investigates their accident.

Determining Liability

Poor tire maintenance is a big cause of a hydroplaning accident, which is why the person responsible for vehicle maintenance is often blamed. Vehicles with worn tires are much more likely to hydroplane compared to a vehicle that’s equipped with fresh tires and deep treads. Worn tires and inclement weather conditions can significantly impact driver control.

Driver Error/Reckless Driver

Drivers are often held liable since they have a responsibility to maintain their tires and replace them when they become unsafe or worn.

Aside from worn tires, a hydroplane accident can also be caused by:

  • Underinflated tires/poor tire pressure
  • Unsafe tire condition/unsafe tire tread
  • Making quick or sharp turns
  • Driving through standing water or through puddles
  • Speeding on wet roadways

Driver negligence can also be due to driving recklessly in wet weather conditions. A negligent car driver may speed or drive aggressively on wet roadways, resulting in a hydroplaning accident.

However, a hydroplane accident can be caused by a variety of factors, not just a driver guilty of poor tire maintenance. Just because a driver failed to have their tires rotated does not mean that other parties are not responsible for a crash that resulted from hydroplaning.

Tire Defects

Defective tires that are prone to blowouts can increase the risks of a hydroplaning accident. If the accident was caused by defective tires or defective tires contributed to a hydroplane accident, the tire manufacturer can be held liable.

Poor Road Design and Road Defects

Many hydroplaning accidents occur due to road design flaws and poor road upkeep. Poor road maintenance, poor gutter maintenance, road construction, and design flaws can all cause excess water to collect on the roads, which can increase the risk of a hydroplaning vehicle accident.

Some other factors that can cause a hydroplaning accident include:

  • Poor water drainage in cities
  • Strong winds, snow, and hail
  • Thunderstorms and rainy conditions
  • Inflation pressure
  • Total weight of vehicle
  • Depth of water puddles

How an Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help You Pursue Compensation

If you were injured in a hydroplaning accident, a personal injury lawyer can file an insurance claim to hold the negligent driver and their insurance company responsible for your collision. A personal injury lawyer can also negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.

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