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I Don’t Have Car Insurance. Do I Still Have A Case? [VIDEO]

If you were involved in a car accident in California and didn’t have car insurance at the
time of the crash, you still have a case to pursue, but you won’t be able to recover the
same amount of money if you did have car insurance.

When you have car insurance, the other party owes you for
1. the damage to your car
2. past and future medical bills
3. past and future lost wages
4. past and future pain and suffering
When you don’t have car insurance, the other party no longer owes you for your pain and
suffering, but they do still owe you for your property damage, medical bills and lost

It’s like this because back in 1996 the insurance industry spent millions of dollars to get
Proposition 213 passed. Under Proposition 213, the insurance company does not have to
pay you for your pain and suffering if you were not carrying car insurance at the time of
the crash. As you can imagine, this has saved them a lot of money.
Thankfully, there are several exceptions to Prop 213, which means that you will still be
able to get paid for your pain and suffering if one of the exceptions applies to you.

Here are the exceptions to Prop 213:
1. If you were just the passenger in a car that was uninsured
2. If you were driving your employer’s car that was uninsured
3. If you were borrowing someone else’s uninsured car, but you have car insurance
of your own;
4. If the accident was caused by someone else’s drunk driving,
5. If the accident results in wrongful death, and lastly
6. The accident happened on private property
If none of these exceptions apply to you, that’s OK. A good personal injury lawyer will
still be able to make sure you get everything that your case is still worth. After a car
accident, give us a call. We’re the side that helps you, and makes them pay.