I signed my settlement release for my car accident case. How long will it take to receive my check?

signed-settlement-how-long-to-get-checkAfter you’ve signed a bodily injury settlement release, it usually takes the insurance company several weeks to send your check to your attorney’s office. In some situations, your attorney may be able to get the insurance carrier to issue the check immediately and overnight the check to the law office, but in most situations, the insurance company will take their time to issue the settlement check.

In most situations, the insurance company will send the check to your attorney’s office within 30 days. Once your attorney receives your settlement check, your attorney will deposit the check into the law office’s trust account. Once the check clears and has been deposited into the trust account, your attorney is able to issue your check.

Most bodily injury settlement checks take 1 to 3 days to clear. Once it clears, your attorney can write your check out immediately.

The bodily injury settlement check is usually made out to both the attorney’s office and the client. The client must give the attorney authority to sign the settlement check on his or her behalf.

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By: West Covina car accident attorney, Lem Garcia