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I was injured in a car accident. What determines what I get in my settlement?

injured-in-car-accident-what-determine-what-i-get-in-settlementWhen you are injured in a car accident, and after you have sought after legal representation, there will be a point where you will get curious about how much your case is worth when it gets to settlement. When determining the final outcome of a settlement, your attorney puts several factors into consideration: medical expenses, property damage, lost earnings, future lost income, estimated future medical expenses, and your pain and suffering and mental anguish.

1. Medical Expenses. If the accident is serious you could have been carried away by ambulance and taken straight to a hospital or you go to the doctor after the accident and need some kind of surgery. Whatever the case may be, the attorney takes medical expenses you have paid so far and will compile them into the other factors.

2. Property Damage. This is determined by the condition of the car, whether a total loss, heavy damages, or dents and scrapes. The attorney will take the amount of money you have had to put into repairs or the value of the car if it is totaled.

3. Lost Earnings. If you have had to miss long periods of time from work after an accident the attorney will put the money you would have earned in your time out of work into the equation and bring that to the attention of the insurance company.

4. Future Lost Income. In some personal injury cases, ongoing treatment for any injuries sustained can cut into time you can be at your place of work. Working similarly to lost earnings, the money lost here will also be factored in.

5. Estimated Future Medical Expenses. Similar to the previous two factors, this is the amount that gets put in for any future medical expenses you have to partake in after the accident. Once your attorney gets a handle on the numbers for these factors, they can determine what your case can be worth.

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