I Was Pranked On Youtube. Can I Sue?

i-was-pranked-on-youtube-can-i-sueHave you been a victim of a Youtube prankster? If you have, you may have a claim against them for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

It might be funny to see other people get pranked on Youtube, but sometimes the people who are getting pranked don’t think it’s funny at all because they are getting too extreme. Would you find it funny if you were chased by a person with a deadly weapon? Falsely imprisoned by a mobster? Attacked by a deranged clowns? If this or something similar has happened to you, and you suffered emotional distress, you should know your right. These actions should not be tolerated in a civilized society.

In California, you can sue someone for intentional infliction of emotional distress if the following requirements are met:

  1. The Defendant’s conduct was outrageous
  2. The Defendant intended to cause you emotional distress or the Defendant acted with reckless disregard of the probably that you would suffer emotional distress, knowing that you were present when the conduct occurred
  3. The Defendant suffered severe emotional distress, and
  4. The Defendant was a substantial factor in causing you severe emotional distress.

A lot of these pranks on Youtube meet all of these requirements. If you were pranked, and are suffering from severe emotional distress you deserve to be compensated – even if you don’t have any physical injuries.

By Lem Garcia, Personal Injury Lawyer In West Covina