Is it a good idea to have my friend or relative be a witness for my car accident case?

is-it-a-good-idea-to-have-my-friend-or-relative-be-a-witness-for-my-car-accident-caseEven though your friend or relative might show bias in your favor, it is perfectly fine for your friend or relative to be your witness in your car accident case. If you are dealing with the insurance company yourself and the insurance adjuster says that your witness means nothing to your case because it is your friend or relative, the insurance adjuster is wrong.

If your friend or relative saw your car accident, they can still testify as to what they saw. Their testimony is admissible evidence. The truthfulness of their statements may be in questions because they may show bias, but their testimony is still admissible. If they are credible, then they will have a positive impact for you and your case. If they are not credible and the jury believes that they are lying, it will hurt your case a lot.

The best witness for your case would be a complete stranger to you because the jury will understand that the stranger has nothing to gain by changing the facts. If a stranger did not see what happened, and the only witness you have is someone you know personally, that is much better than having no witnesses.

After you’ve been involved in a crash, make sure to find any witnesses that might have seen what happened so you can prove your case. Don’t rely on the police to take down witness information. If a complete stranger saw what happened, take down that person’s information down right away for reference later.

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By Lem Garcia, car accident attorney in West Covina