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The dangers of summertime driving

The summer is a time for family vacations, days at the beach, and barbeques with friends and neighbors. However, the summer isn’t all fun and games, it’s actually considered one of the most hazardous times of year on California’s freeways and roads.

While the winter can bring its own challenges, more motor vehicle accidents tend to happen when the sun is out. Knowing the threats of auto accidents during the summertime can help you avoid potential accidents and keep you and your family safe on the road this summer.

The Dangers of Summertime Driving

On the road during warmer weather, you’ll commonly find an increase in motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists, but there are other reasons why we see an increase in auto accidents during the summer months.

An increase in Traffic

During the summer, there are more people out on the roads enjoying the warmer weather. Residents of California tend to travel more miles during the summer compared to other times of the year.

In addition to seeing more passenger vehicles on the road, you’ll also see more recreational vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists, as well as people towing boats. This increase in traffic can cause congestion and confusion and may result in more traffic collisions.

Tourists & the Dangers of Summer Driving

California is a prominent location destination year-round, but you’ll definitely notice an increase in vacationers during the summer. These out-of-town drivers can significantly increase the risk of auto accidents. Visitors who are not acquainted with the neighborhood landscape, local traffic regulations, and roads, are more likely to participate in dangerous driving behaviors.

This can include:

  • Sudden stops or unanticipated slowing
  • Distracted driving
  • Sightseeing or rubber-necking
  • Unexpected maneuvers or turns as they follow their GPS

Considering the number of tourists California gets every summer, local residents should take this into account when they’re going about their everyday lives. This means paying extra attention behind the wheel and keeping a safe distance.

Kids on Summer Vacation

Summertime means summer vacation for kids and teenagers. New drivers, such as teens on the road are a common hazard of summer driving. Teens are more likely to have their friends in the vehicle with them, which can lead to showing off while driving and distracted driving.

Spike in Road Construction

Summer weather equals construction season. During the summertime, you may have noticed an increase in construction, since summer happens to be the best season to get construction work done without having to worry about rain, cooler temperatures, and windy weather. Things such as large construction equipment, lane closures, and traffic detours can interrupt the natural flow of traffic. Unfortunately, there’s a higher chance of auto accidents the more driving conditions are altered.

How to Safe Safe on the Road and Avoid Summer Dangers

To ensure you and your family stay safe on the roads and freeways this summer, follow the tips below to avoid many of the common summer hazards.

Plan Your Route for Your Summer Road Trip

Because of the increase in traffic on California roads and freeways, always plan for extra time on the road. Careful trip preparation is also very important.

Before your trip, pay attention to weather forecasts and road conditions, note any road construction, and carefully plan your route to avoid any potential hazards, delays, or dangerous areas. Planning your route before you and the family head out can alert you to construction zones, dangerous weather conditions, and detours. Avoiding these common hazards can help prevent motor vehicle crashes on dangerous roads.

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Roady Ready-Spring Vehicle Check

When you travel, you always want to take extra safety precautions. Vehicle breakdowns or tire blowouts on a long trip are a very common danger that many motorists face every summer. Before your trip, make sure your car is in good condition and able to get you and your family to your destination safely. Make sure you take your vehicle in for routine maintenance and an oil change. You should also have your tires checked. Poor tire traction and improper tire pressure can result in disaster if you encounter inclement weather on your trip. Always have your tires checked and rotated or get fresh tires as needed and don’t forget to bring the all-important spare tire. During the intense summer heat, you don’t want to end up with tire flats on a busy highway or in a rural area.

You should also store a trunk safety kit in your vehicle and include the appropriate traffic safety devices.

Avoid Distractions on the Road

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents in the country and it’s responsible for many car crash-related fatalities and catastrophic injuries that occur every year in California.

As you travel this summer, make sure you avoid distractions and never text, use your phone, eat or speak with passengers when you’re driving.


Defensive driving is one of the best ways you can remain safe when you’re on California roads this summer. When you’re on the road, always be aware of upcoming hazards and other drivers. Follow all of California’s traffic laws and posted traffic signals. Be sure to have an escape route planned in case you find yourself in a high-risk area of traffic.

Make sure you always drive a safe distance between your vehicle and other motorists on the road.

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Summer is a time to get out and enjoy the warm weather with family and friends, but you must also be extra cautious out on the road and be aware of dangerous hazards and high-traffic areas.

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