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Understanding the attorney-client relationship after an accident


When you’ve been in an accident and want to pursue a claim or lawsuit, you need to know that you can fully trust your lawyer. Understanding the attorney-client relationship after an accident can help you develop an open and understanding relationship with your attorney, so you can work together to build a successful claim.

There are several benefits to having a lawyer represent your interests during a claim for compensation after an accident. Working with an attorney can improve your odds of recovering more compensation, but it can also benefit you because of attorney-client privilege. The main point of attorney-client privilege is confidentiality. The attorneys at Lem Garcia Law understand the importance of a strong attorney-client relationship and believe in keeping our clients informed and up to date regarding the progress of their case, every step of the way.

If you have been in an accident, the personal injury lawyers at Lem Garcia Law are prepared to review the facts of your case during a free, no-obligation consultation to see how we can help you maximize compensation.


What is Attorney-Client Privilege?


Any communication between you and your lawyer will be kept private, thanks to attorney-client privilege. This encourages honest and open communication between a lawyer and their client, without the fear of communication being accessible to opposing counsel or the public.


When is the Attorney-Client Relationship Created?


The attorney-client relationship is created once the client agrees to work with the lawyer and the lawyer agrees to take the case. This arrangement is often stated in a fee contract or engagement letter. Oral agreements can also create this relationship.

If you speak to your lawyer about your accident and have an expectation for that conversation to remain private, your lawyer will not discuss it with anyone else without your permission. Privileged communication can also include written or oral conversations about the case, such as:

  • Voice messages
  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Texts

It can also include non-verbal or non-written communication, such as the shake of one’s head or a nod in agreement.

While attorney-client privilege covers most types of communication between the accident victim and their legal representation, there are some exceptions. For example, if a client admits their intention to commit an act of fraud related to their accident claim, a lawyer can be legally obligated to disclose this information to the authorities.


Developing a Strong Relationship with Your Attorney


How you and your lawyer handle communication can have a major impact on the course of your case. Strong communication is the hallmark of a solid attorney-client relationship. Because of this, you must ensure that you and your lawyer understand each other early on.

A potential client will have the opportunity to establish a strong foundation before they hire a lawyer by scheduling a free case strategy session. This pre-screening interview will allow you and your attorney to get to know each other and determine whether you can develop a successful relationship. During this consultation, a client can address how they wish to approach the relationship to feel comfortable while giving their claim the best possible chance for success.


A Personal Injury Attorney You Can Trust


After an accident, one of the most important things you can do is contact a lawyer to help you pursue compensation from an insurance company. Insurance companies and their insurance adjusters are very frustrating to deal with and you can’t count on them to take care of you. An insurance company is always looking for a reason to devalue or deny a claim.

When you’re looking for a lawyer you can trust, you must find one that has a proven record of recovering compensation and an attorney that has extensive experience. If your lawyer doesn’t regularly recover compensation for accident victims or doesn’t usually take these types of cases, they will most likely have trouble securing the settlement or award you deserve.


Contact the Personal Injury Attorneys at Lem Garcia Law Today


Choosing a personal injury lawyer who will respect your options is crucial, so make sure you speak to your potential attorney about their client relationship goals and procedural practices before you hire him or her. Once you’ve found a dependable accident attorney who makes you feel comfortable, you will know that you can put your trust and the fate of your claim in their hands. Remember, it’s your attorney’s job to protect your rights, and it’s your job to find a knowledgeable and skilled accident lawyer who has your best interest in mind.

The attorneys at Lem Garcia Law will stand by your side throughout the challenging accident claim process. We will be your advocates and fight for your right to fair compensation. We offer free, no-obligation case strategy sessions. At this meeting, you can get to know our personal injury attorneys, discuss the facts of your case, and find out what your best legal options are, moving forward. We want accident victims leaving our office confident that they have found an attorney that will guide them through the many challenges and complexities of a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Even if you decide not to work with our law firm, you will still leave our office knowing what your legal rights are and whether you have a valid claim. To learn how the team at Lem Garcia Law can help, contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.