What is the best thing to do after a car accident?

best-thing-to-do-after-car-accidentThere are many important things you need to do after a car accident, but if you are injured, the best thing to do is to get medical attention. If you are not at fault for the collision, the other party is responsible for your medical bills. You should get taken to the emergency room by an ambulance if you are not feeling well. If you feel that the situation is not that urgent, make sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Car crashes can often cause serious injury and early detection is not only important for your health, but for your case as well.

If you are physically able to, make sure to gather important information about the car accident. Exchange information with the other driver (driver license, insurance information, car registration). Also make sure to document the scene properly. Take photos of the cars involved from a variety of different angles, the scene of the crash, and any visible injuries that you might have. Furthermore, make sure a police officer arrives at the scene and makes a police report.

It is important to make a police report even if the other party admits fault because the police report will establish what happened and who is at fault. Even though the police officer did not see the crash, he did speak to both parties involved and take their statements. The statements the parties provide immediately after the crash are very important because it is taken at a time when memories are fresh and the at fault party is most likely to admit whether they were at fault.

Sometimes at fault parties change their story after a crash to avoid being responsible for the damages that they cause. If their statement is taken from the police officer immediately after the crash and admit liability, but then later change their story to deny liability, they most likely will be held liable for the damages that they caused because of their initial statement.

If you have taken the above steps, your case is headed in the right direction. Make sure to call an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you out further. It is statistically proven that the value of your case increases when you have an attorney involved. When you are unrepresented, you are susceptible to getting taken advantage of by the insurance company.

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By: Lem Garcia, car accident lawyer in West Covina