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What should I tell my car insurance company after an accident? [video]

A lot of people think that after a car accident, they should call the car insurance
company right away. This is true, but you do not have to call the other
party’s car insurance company after a car accident. You are only required to report your accident to your own car insurance
company within a reasonable amount of time – even if you weren’t at fault
for the car accident.

If you do not report the accident to your car insurance company, your
insurance company might use this to deny you insurance coverage.
It’s best to call a car accident lawyer before you call your car
insurance company, but if you decide to call your insurance company first,
it’s important that you watch what you say to your insurance company so
you can protect your interests and your right to get compensated fairly.
When you call your own car insurance company and speak to an adjuster,
always be honest, but limit what you say to the following:

  1.  that a car accident happened
  2.  when the car accident happened
  3.  where the car accident happened
  4. and who was involved in the car accident.

Here’s a list of things that you should never tell your insurance company
without talking to an attorney first:

1. How or why the accident happened

  • What happened in the accident is very important and you don’t
    want to misstate what happened at all. It’s always best to talk to
    an attorney first so you know how the insurance company will try
    to hurt your case and get away with paying you less or nothing at

2.“The car accident was my fault”

  • You don’t need to admit whether you were at fault or not. Stick to
    the facts and keep your feelings and opinions to yourself.

3. “I’m not injured at all.”

  • Some car accident injuries show up weeks after the accident.
    Don’t be in a rush to say that you’re not injured. If you say that
    you’re not injured, and it turns out that you are, the insurance
    company will use your statement against you.

4. “I’m gonna guess…”

  • Don’t make any guesses about what happened. If you don’t know
    the answer, just say you don’t know. Especially if they ask you
    measurements of time, speed, and distance. It’s safer to say that
    you don’t know than to guess.

This is just a shortlist of things to say and not to say to your insurance company. If you
have the chance to call a personal injury lawyer before calling your insurance
company, you absolutely should.

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