What’s the best way to take pictures after a car accident?

best-way-to-take-pics-after-accidentIt is very important that after you have bee involved in a car accident that you take pictures – plenty of pictures. The more pictures that you have regarding your accident the better. It has never happened that a client has come in with too many pictures that they took from the scene of the crash.

Pictures at the scene of the crash are very important because your photos will contain a lot of evidence to prove your case. Not only will you have to prove who is at fault, but you will also have to prove how significant the damages were, and how forceful the impact was.

After you have checked for injuries and called the police to come out to make a police report, make sure to take photos. You will want to make sure you take the following photos:

1. cars in their resting position after the crash (if possible),
2. the damage to your vehicle,
3. the damage to the other party’s or parties’ vehicle(s),
4. any skid marks,
5. any debris left behind due to the crash,
6. road conditions,
7. weather conditions,
8. any injuries.

When you take photos, make sure that they are sharp and from a variety of different angles. Take photos from a distance and close up. Do not put off taking photos. Take them as soon as you can. You don’t know if you will lose the opportunity to take photos later. Don’t rely on the other party or the police officer to take photos and then share them with you. There is no guarantee that the other party will provide you with the photos. There is also no guarantee that the police officer will provide the photos to you. You want to make sure that you have your very own photos to prove what happened.

While the other party may have admitted fault to you in person and seemed helpful and friendly, there is no assurance that they will stay that way. It is very possible that they will rethink their position on the way home, change their opinion, and become adversarial. You cannot rely on the other party sharing their evidence with you. You want to be able to prove your case independently and without the help of anyone else.

After you have taken all of the photos listed above, make sure to save them in a safe place. If you took them from your cell phone, make sure to store the photos elsewhere so that in the event that you lose your phone, you still have them.

Lastly, do not share your pictures on social media whatsoever.

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By: Lem Garcia, car accident attorney in West Covina