Featuring two large fishing lakes, rolling green hills, and large trees, the park has a serene and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, there are beautiful sculptures throughout the park, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Visitors can enjoy several recreational activities at Don Knabe Community Regional Park, including fishing in the man-made lake.

The park is part of the larger Cerritos Sports Complex, which offers numerous facilities and amenities for residents and visitors alike. The Cerritos Skate Park, located at 19900 Bloomfield Ave., is open Monday from 11:00 am to dusk and Tuesday to Saturday from 8:00 am to dusk [6]. The Community Gym at Cerritos High School, at 12500 E. 183rd St., provides additional recreational opportunities. For golf enthusiasts, the Cerritos Iron-Wood Nine Golf Course can be found at 16449 Piuma Ave.

Located 1¼ miles north of Don Knabe Community Regional Park is the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, a 154,000-square-foot entertainment and music venue situated in the Cerritos Towne Center. This renowned venue offers a range of cultural and artistic events, including concerts, theatrical performances, and other live events, adding to the area’s vibrant community life.

In addition to the numerous recreational activities offered within Don Knabe Community Regional Park and the surrounding Cerritos Sports Complex, the park also serves as a center for community events and gatherings. The park features facilities available for rental, which can be used for various purposes, including birthday parties, family reunions, and corporate events. The rental fees and policies can be found on the Cerritos city website. One popular attraction for such events is the Moon Bounce, which provides a fun and exciting activity for children and adults alike.

The park has an extensive network of walking and jogging paths, making it an ideal location for outdoor exercise and fitness activities. Some areas of the park are equipped with workout equipment, allowing visitors to incorporate strength training exercises into their outdoor workout routines. The park’s spacious and well-maintained grounds make it an excellent choice for picnics, outdoor games, and other leisure activities.

Don Knabe Community Regional Park also places a strong emphasis on environmental preservation and sustainability. The park is home to an Ecology Park, which serves as a valuable educational resource for visitors interested in learning about the local environment, native plant species, and wildlife. The Ecology Park is also important in fostering a connection between the community and the natural world, encouraging environmental stewardship and a greater appreciation for the planet’s beauty and fragility.

The park’s commitment to sustainability and the environment is further evident in its efforts to maintain a clean and healthy environment for visitors. Park staff regularly monitor and maintain the grounds, ensuring that the park remains a welcoming and enjoyable space for all visitors. Many reviewers on Yelp have commented on the park’s cleanliness, demonstrating the staff’s dedication to preserving the park’s pristine condition.

Accessibility is a priority for Don Knabe Community Regional Park, with the park’s facilities and amenities designed to accommodate visitors of all ages and abilities. The park features ample parking, making it easily accessible for visitors arriving by car. Additionally, the park’s well-maintained paths and walkways make it suitable for visitors using wheelchairs, strollers, or other mobility aids.

In conclusion, Don Knabe Community Regional Park is a diverse and vibrant recreational space in Cerritos, California, that caters to a wide range of interests and activities. The park’s beautiful setting, commitment to sustainability, and focus on accessibility make it an appealing destination for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Don Knabe Community Regional Park has something for everyone, whether you are eyeing a peaceful retreat in nature, a place to engage in sports and fitness activities, or a venue for a community event.