When looking for the best ice skating rink near Ontario, California, both Center Ice Skating Arena and Ontario Ice Skating Center are highly recommended options. These facilities cater to a wide range of ice sports enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced skaters.

Aside from these two ice skating rinks, there are other skating rinks for kids in Ontario, CA, such as Skate Express, Just Play Adventure Park, Skating School, and Cal Skate Grand Terrace. These facilities offer additional opportunities for families and children to enjoy skating and related activities in the Ontario area.

Center Ice Skating Arena also offers pickup ice hockey for all ages. Those interested in participating can call the arena at +1-909-986-4231 to inquire about the pickup hockey schedule. Furthermore, the arena hosts broomball, an exciting and competitive sport that many people may not be aware of. Broomball is played on the ice, similar to ice hockey, but with rubber-soled shoes instead of skates and a ball instead of a puck. Participants use broom-like sticks to maneuver the ball around the ice and try to score goals.

While the Center Ice Skating Arena and Ontario Ice Skating Center are two prominent ice rinks in Ontario, California, it is essential to explore other nearby facilities to provide a well-rounded understanding of available options in the area. Skating enthusiasts can enjoy various activities at other nearby rinks, including Skate Express, Just Play Adventure Park, Skating School, and Cal Skate Grand Terrace. Each of these facilities caters to different skating preferences and offers unique experiences for their visitors.

Skate Express, a roller skating rink, is a great alternative for those who prefer roller sports over ice-based activities. Skate Express provides a fun and energetic environment for individuals and families to enjoy roller skating, with music and lighting to create an exciting atmosphere. In addition to open skating sessions, the facility offers skate rentals, lessons, and private events.

Just Play Adventure Park is an indoor amusement center that caters to children and families. The park features a roller skating rink as one of its many attractions, providing a fun and engaging environment for kids to practice their skating skills. The park also offers various other attractions, such as arcade games, climbing walls, and a playground, making it an ideal destination for a family day out.

The Skating School in Ontario is an excellent resource for those seeking to learn or improve their skating skills, be it ice skating, figure skating, or hockey. The school employs experienced coaches who provide tailored instruction to help skaters reach their full potential. Skating lessons are available for every age and skill level, ensuring that everyone can enjoy and benefit from professional guidance.

Cal Skate Grand Terrace is another roller skating rink in the area that offers a fun and family-friendly environment for skaters. The facility provides open skating sessions, skate rentals, and private events, making it an excellent destination for birthday parties, group outings, or simply spending quality time with friends and family. Cal Skate also offers roller skating lessons for those looking to improve their skills or try roller skating for the first time.

While ice skating is a popular activity in Ontario, California, the city also offers a diverse range of skating options, including roller skating and adventure parks, to cater to various preferences and interests. Skaters can choose from a wide array of facilities, each offering unique experiences and opportunities to learn, practice, and have fun.

In conclusion, Ontario, California, is home to a vibrant skating community, with facilities like Center Ice Skating Arena and Ontario Ice Skating Center providing high-quality ice sports experiences. In addition, the city offers several other skating rinks and adventure parks for those interested in roller sports or seeking fun-filled family activities. These facilities cater to a diverse range of interests and skill levels, ensuring that everyone in the community can enjoy and benefit from the world of skating.