Residents of College Park generally prefer a quiet neighborhood, with less than half of the households having kids. Commuting to and from work takes an average of 35 minutes for residents of this area. Most residents, around 94%, rely on their cars for transportation, which is worth considering if you plan to move to this neighborhood.

The neighborhood is in close proximity to numerous shopping centers, restaurants, and parks, which provide ample opportunities for entertainment and leisure activities. Sherwood Village and Coronation Park, both located nearby, offer green spaces for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Additionally, College Park’s location in San Bernardino County places it within reach of various cultural and natural attractions in the region.

The education system is another important aspect of life in College Park. As mentioned earlier, the neighborhood is located next to Chaffey High School. This proximity to a reputable educational institution is an attractive feature for families with school-aged children. Furthermore, there are several other schools in the surrounding areas catering to different age groups and educational needs. The availability of quality education is a crucial factor in determining the desirability of a neighborhood.

Healthcare facilities and services are another vital aspect of a neighborhood’s appeal. Access to hospitals, clinics, and other medical services in the vicinity of College Park contributes to the overall well-being and quality of life of residents.

Additionally, the availability of public transportation and access to major roads and highways in and around College Park should be taken into account. As previously mentioned, around 94% of residents use their cars to get around, which implies that public transportation options might be limited. However, this information should be researched further to determine the convenience of public transportation and commute options for residents who do not own a car or prefer alternative modes of transportation.

In conclusion, the College Park neighborhood in Ontario, California, offers a unique and relatively expensive living experience with a rich historical and architectural background. Apart from the housing options and rental prices, potential residents should also consider factors such as local amenities, the education system, safety, healthcare facilities, and transportation options when evaluating the neighborhood. Conducting thorough research and weighing these factors will help potential residents make an informed decision about whether College Park is the right fit for their lifestyle and needs.