Housing options in the New Model Colony neighborhood include single-family homes and apartments. The median home price in this Ontario community is estimated to be $640,990. Weichert Realtors offers numerous listings of homes for sale in New Model Colony, Ontario, CA, providing a platform for prospective homebuyers to find their ideal home. Additionally, Rentable.co offers 3,593 apartment listings in New Model Colony, Ontario, CA, with daily updates that include pricing, photos, and 3D tours. The platform allows users to browse apartments by neighborhood and number of bedrooms, making it easy for potential renters to find the perfect apartment that fits their needs.

The New Model Colony neighborhood boasts parks and green spaces that cater to the recreational needs of its residents. The Countryside community, for example, features a neighborhood park and is situated across from a regional park, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities, relaxation, and socializing with neighbors. The central corridor of public green space mentioned in the development’s design further emphasizes the importance of greenery and open spaces in the New Model Colony neighborhood, contributing to the overall well-being of its residents.

Transportation infrastructure is another essential aspect of the New Model Colony neighborhood’s development plan. The strategic location of the area, connecting future homebuyers to employment hubs in Ontario, Los Angeles, and Orange County, implies that the community will benefit from well-planned transportation infrastructure. This may include public transportation options, road expansions, and biking and pedestrian paths to ensure easy access and connectivity within the neighborhood and to surrounding areas.

Finally, the commercial and business development aspect of the New Model Colony neighborhood should not be overlooked. With 36 million square feet designated for commercial and business development, the area is expected to attract various businesses, providing job opportunities for residents and contributing to the region’s economic growth. This will also result in a range of services and amenities, such as shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options, further enhancing the overall quality of life for the residents of the New Model Colony community.

In summary, the New Model Colony neighborhood, or Ontario Ranch, has a bright future as a thriving, well-planned community that offers a range of housing options, amenities, and services for its residents. The emphasis on green spaces, transportation infrastructure, and commercial and business development promises a high-quality environment where residents can live, work, and play, making the New Model Colony neighborhood an attractive destination for homebuyers and renters alike.