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Words to choose carefully at your car collision scene

Choosing words carefully at collision scenes.A motor vehicle collision can leave an accident victim disoriented and shaken. During the confusing aftermath of a car accident, people often do and say things without thinking, which can harm their legal claim. What you do and say at the scene of an accident and during the insurance claims process can potentially harm your claim and impact your settlement. Because of this, it’s important to know what to avoid saying at the scene of a car crash, to protect your right to fair compensation.

What to Avoid Saying After An Automobile Accident

Below are some common things accident victims say after a car crash that can seriously harm their claim.

I’m Sorry

Never apologize to the other driver after a car accident. Doing so can be considered an admission of fault. An insurance company can use this against you and may deny your claim or try to minimize payout.

I Didn’t See Them

When speaking to law enforcement, do not say you didn’t see the other driver or say that the other driver just came out of nowhere. To an insurance company, this can sound like you were distracted while driving and your distraction is what led to an auto accident.

Let’s Not Involve the Insurance Companies

Never suggest handling your car accident damages without reporting the collision to both insurance companies. This can indicate that you were at fault for the collision. It can also make you look like a high risk to your own insurance company, which can deny coverage in the future or increase your rates.

I’m Not Injured

If the other driver or law enforcement asks if you were injured in the accident, instead of saying no, say you don’t know. There are many types of accident injuries that will not present symptoms for several hours or days after a car crash. If you tell either party that you were not injured, only to claim later on that you were, the insurance company may say that you were injured at some point after the accident.

What to Avoid Doing After a Car Crash

There are many actions you should also avoid taking after a car accident to protect your claim.

This includes:

Delaying Medical Attention

You should seek medical attention as soon as possible after a car crash. A medical evaluation can ensure your health and your legal rights are protected. If you delay medical treatment for days or weeks after an accident, the insurance company may claim that you were injured at some point after the collision.

Handling the Claim or Lawsuit Without An Attorney

While minor accidents may not require legal representation, if you were injured, liability is disputed, multiple parties are involved, or your claim was denied, you need to seek the legal assistance of an experienced car accident lawyer.

Posting About Your Accident On Social Media

If you post about your accident on social media or even post photos showing yourself participating in physically demanding activities, the insurance company will use this as evidence that you are not as severely injured as you claim you are. Avoid discussing your accident online and refrain from posting any photos that can be used against you.

Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

When you’re injured and don’t know how to recover the full compensation you’re owed for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses, you must contact a car accident lawyer. At Lem Garcia Law, our car accident attorneys can investigate the collision to gather evidence and establish liability. We will also handle every aspect of your case, including negotiating with the insurance company to ensure you recover maximum compensation for your accident-related losses.

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