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Oceanside’s History

Oceanside is a city located on the Pacific Coast of California. It was first explored by Spanish Explorer Portola in 1769 and later founded as the Mission San Luis Rey de Francia in 1798. The city is named after its location on the coast and is home to a rich history. Today, Oceanside is a popular tourist destination for its beaches, weather, and proximity to other attractions.

The Mission at San Luis Rey de Francia was built by a large population of Native Americans who were called “San Luisenos” by the Franciscans. The Indians provided the labor to build the Mission compound, which was the largest building in California and the most prosperous of the missions. The Mission earned the name “King of the Missions” because of its vast fruit orchards and cattle-raising activities.

In 1834, California’s Mission San Luis Rey was secularized, and its property was sold by Pio Pico, governor of California. The buildings fell into disrepair during this time but were restored beginning in 1893 by Father Joseph Jeremiah O’Keefe. O’Keefe retired in 1912, but restoration work on the Mission continues to this day.

A township known as San Luis Rey was established in the early 1870s and was largely inhabited by a group of English settlers. By 1884, it had a post office, stores, a hotel, and a weekly newspaper, The San Luis Rey Star, which later moved to Oceanside. This area was west of the Mission and grew to be a thriving community with all the amenities needed for those living there.

In 1881, the U.S. Government conducted a survey of the Southern Pacific slope. As a result of this survey, a railroad was laid from Los Angeles to San Diego through Colton, Temecula, Fallbrook, and down the coast in 1882. This project helped improve transportation and trade between these areas.

Andrew Jackson Myers is avowed as the founder of Oceanside, California. In 1883, he was allotted 160 acres of land on the Oceanside mesa through a Homestead Grant. The town was surveyed by Cave J. Couts, Jr., and J. Chauncey Hayes sold the town lots. Myers is credited with building the first house in the town.

J. Chauncey Hayes was a real estate agent, Justice of Peace, and editor of his own newspaper, The South Oceanside Diamond. He drew the petition for the first post office, using the name “Ocean Side.” Later, the name was changed to “Oceanside.”

The Bank of Oceanside was built in 1887 on the corner of Second Street and Hill Avenue. The grand hotel, South Pacific, was located on Third Street and Pacific Avenue, near the present pier. By 1887, the Bank of Oceanside had grown to be a prominent fixture in the town, with the grand hotel acting as a welcoming sight to visitors.

A wharf company was formed to develop the waterfront area where Wisconsin Street is now located. The first wooden piling was driven into the ground on May 12, 1888, and Oceanside was incorporated on July 3, 1888, with a vote of 74 to 53. A. J. Myers, the city’s founder, was the first person to cast a vote. The population at that time was around 1000 people.

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