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Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

If you are in a car accident, knowing where to turn for help can be a challenge. A collision can leave you without a functional vehicle and with pain, injuries, and medical bills that are difficult to manage on your own. At Lem Garcia Law, we want to help, and we’re available to those located throughout Orange County, California.

Choosing a personal injury attorney can be tough, but you can count on Lem Garcia for their needs. The team at Lem Garcia Law focuses on getting what you deserve, regardless of the size of your case. We guarantee our personal, caring service for every unique situation. Our clients can count on us to provide real representation and work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome in every case.

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Need legal help in Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin, or Cantonese? Call Lem Garcia Law.

Lem Garcia speaks Tagalog and several staff members speak Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Our Location & Office Details

We have three office locations to better serve our clients located in all parts of Orange County. For most residents, our most convenient location is in Cerritos, which is about 20 miles northeast of Orange County. We also have locations in West Covina, which is about 40 miles outside of Orange County, located about 35 miles from Orange County.

Our Cerritos office location is at:

17777 Center Court Drive
Cerritos, CA 90703
Phone: 562-999-3264
Text: 626-252-2168

It is open by appointment only, and we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to your inquiry and get you set up for a free consultation. We’re conveniently located next to the Center for the Performing Arts and Cerritos Farmers Market. Across the street is the Cerritos Towne Center.

The office is accessible via the I-605, I-5, and Artesia Freeway. Our friendly, caring staff members located in this office are available to assist you after your automotive accident, and we often serve clients from cities throughout Orange County, including Huntington Beach, Tustin, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley, Lake Forest, Buena Park, Garden Grove, Irvine, and many others.

Cerritos Offices

17777 Center Court Dr.,
Cerritos, CA 90703
(By Appointment Only)

A Local Orange County Personal Injury Law Firm

As a trusted local legal firm specializing in personal injury and auto accident cases, the team at Lem Garcia Law is here to help you through the process and overcome this challenging situation. We’ve been part of the community since 2014 and have served thousands of clients over the years.

Car Accidents and Collision Stats in Orange County

Orange County has over 2.3 million registered vehicles, and the traffic in this area and nearby Los Angeles County is among the most congested in the nation. State Route 74, also known as the Ortega Highway, is one of the county’s deadliest highways, particularly for motorcyclists. However, the majority of car accidents do not occur on highways and freeways, but on surface streets. Some of the more dangerous intersections reported by the Orange County Register include:

  • Jamboree Road at Bristol Street (Newport Beach)
  • Newport and 19th (Costa Mesa)
  • Victoria Street and Valley Road (Costa Mesa)
  • Adams Avenue at Harbor Boulevard (Costa Mesa)
  • Newport Center Drive and Civic Center Drive (Newport Beach)
  • Valley Road and Victoria Street (Costa Mesa)
  • Newport and Broadway (Newport Beach)
  • El Toro Road at Montcliff Drive (Lake Forest)
  • 17th Street and Fairview Street (Santa Ana)
  • Chapman Avenue and Gilbert Street (Garden Grove)

While certain streets and intersections may see higher rates of accidents, the most dangerous roads in Orange County are those that have distracted or impaired drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports an average of more than 32,000 car accidents in the county per year. In 2015, over 3,500 of those accidents involved drugs or alcohol.

High Rated Orange County Accident Attorneys

Over the years, we have served many clients and take pride in delivering personalized, high-quality service to every individual who counts on us to take care of their needs. We have many satisfied clients, many of whom received large settlements in their cases. Check out our positive feedback from clients on Google and Yelp – and contact us to become one of those happy, satisfied clients.

Maximizing Compensation – Fair Settlement and Compensation

Our team has settled cases for over $1 million, as well as six-figure settlements without clients having to sue anyone or step foot in a courtroom. Over the years we have been serving local clients, we have recovered millions of dollars for those injured in car accidents and other personal injury situations.


Our number one goal is to recover as much as possible for you – as quickly as possible. We’ve settled cases for as high as $1,100,000 without our clients ever having to go to court.

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Car Accident
Cervical Fusion and Mild TBIWrongful Death (disputed liability)Back SurgeryHead InjuryBack InjuryWrongful DeathBroken ArmHead InjuryWrongful DeathWrongful Death (disputed liability)
Practice Areas

At Lem Garcia Law, we are a skilled and well-known law firm that focuses on personal injury cases. In addition to personal injury cases, we’re also available to handle your legal needs related to:

No matter if your accident is large or small, we are happy to offer you our services. We want to be by your side to get you through this unexpected and tough time in your life.

For all accidents, contact us even if your injuries seem insignificant. You still deserve to be represented by a law firm that cares and that you can trust. At Lem Garcia Law, we will work tirelessly to get you results, and we’ll do it without you having to go through a lengthy and complicated process.

Give us a call and we’ll let you know how we can help.


Zero Fee Guarantee

  • ZERO FEE GUARANTEE. If we don’t win your case, you don’t owe us anything. No-pressure case consultations are always free and we advance all of the costs of your case.
  • ATTORNEY’S FEE GUARANTEE. At Lem Garcia Law, you don’t have to worry about saying “the attorney took most of it.” We guarantee that our attorney’s fee will never be more than how much you are paid at the end of your case.
  • 30-DAY GUARANTEE. If you’re unhappy with our services, you can cancel within the first 30 days at no cost to you.

Outstanding Results

  • TOP SETTLEMENTS. We have settled cases for $1,100,000, $1,000,000, $600,000, $500,000, $250,000 and $100,000 without our clients ever having to go to court or sue anybody.
  • MILLIONS RECOVERED. We have helped recover millions of dollars for people who have been injured in car accidents and other types of injury claims.
  • GET THE MONEY YOU DESERVE. We help people who have been injured get compensated as much as possible for their injuries.

Outstanding Personal Service

  • WE ARE HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU. If you’ve been injured in an accident and need help, we will be happy to talk to you. From your first phone call, you will feel the difference that personable and passionate legal help makes.
  • WE ARE THERE WHEN YOU NEED US. Contacting us is easy. You can call, text or email us anytime and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You deserve to have peace of mind every step of the way.
  • WE ARE DEDICATED TO ACCIDENTS AND INJURIES ONLY. We are focused exclusively on personal injury, wrongful death and car accident cases.

Our Clients Love Us

  • WE TREAT OUR CLIENTS LIKE FAMILY. We work hard for our clients because we care, and we have the reputation and the Yelp and Google reviews to show for it.

We Can Go To You

  • HOSPITAL, HOME OR HANGOUT. If you’re seriously injured and can’t come to us, we can visit you at a location that is most convenient for you.

Medical Treatment With No Costs Up Front

  • GET THE MEDICAL TREATMENT YOU NEED RIGHT AWAY. We help make sure that you get the medical treatment that you need to get better – and you don’t have to pay anything up front.

We Do Whatever It Takes

  • BY SETTLEMENT OR BY TRIAL. We successfully resolve most of our clients’ cases before trial, but we are ready to take any case to trial to get the best result for you.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, you may be dealing with the physical, mental, and emotional trauma that comes with this situation. A car accident can leave you and your passengers with injuries that require extensive medical care and may even impact your ability to work and go about your normal activities. Working with an attorney that specializes in personal injury and car accidents can help you get what you deserve as you go through the legal system.

We also stand behind our Zero Fee Guarantee, which means that if we don’t win your case, you don’t pay us a cent. When you contact us, we’ll schedule a no-pressure case consultation to go through the details of your situation and determine whether we can fight for you in the legal system. Additionally, our guarantee states that our fee will never exceed what you are awarded in damages at the end of your case. If you aren’t happy with our services, you can cancel within the first 30 days at no cost.

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Contact us today to schedule your no-pressure consultation at no charge. We’ll use this time to talk to you about your options and provide as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our three office locations are within close proximity of those located throughout Orange County.

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