The car behind me was pushed into me. Are they at fault too?


If you were rear-ended by a car that was rear-ended and pushed into you, you do not have a claim against the party that rear-ended you. For example, if car #1 rear-ended car #2 and then car #2 rear-ended you, the only party at fault is car #1.

Some people may believe that car #2 is also at fault because they were too close to you when they were rear-ended, but car #1 is the party at fault because they caused the chain reaction. If car #1 did not rear-end car #2, car #2 never would have rear-ended you and caused you any damages.

As a result, car #2’s insurance carrier will deny liability and point to car #1 as the at fault party. Car #1’s insurance carrier should accept liability and pay you for your damages.

If you were rear-ended by another party, it is important that you have an experienced car accident lawyer help you with your claim. Even though it is clearly the other party’s fault that the accident occurred, that does not mean they will pay you what you believe is fair. When insurance carriers must admit liability, they will deny or attempt to reduce the value of your damages.

Insurance carriers often argue that because the property damage was minimal it is impossible that you could have been injured. If the property damage is significant, they will still argue that you received too much medical treatment that was unnecessary and that the bills that you accrued were inflated.

Insurance adjusters are trained to talk you into accepting less than what your case is worth and try to prevent you from talking to an attorney. Some insurance companies even go as far to have insurance adjusters show up to your house unannounced in an attempt to get you to settle your case for much less than what it is worth.

If you find yourself in this situation, call a car accident lawyer right away. Lem Garcia Law is a car accident lawyer in West Covina and we are happy to help you through your entire process. Even if you are adamant that you do not want an attorney, we will be happy to provide you with important information that will help you with your case.

Case consultations are always free and without obligation.

By: West Covina car accident lawyer, Lem Garcia