Pregnant Woman Crushed to Death By Dump Truck in Martinez, California

MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA — A 32-year-old pregnant woman was killed in her driveway when a gravel truck tipped over and crushed her. Her four-year-old daughter was nearby when the incident occurred, but was physically unharmed. 

The construction workers operating the gravel truck asked her to move her car away from the city’s sidewalk project at approximately 1:00 pm. As the driver of the truck was raising the cargo container to unload gravel, the truck tipped on top of her and her car.

The woman, Lindsey Combs, was a hairstylist and was almost two months pregnant. She is survived by her fiance and 4-year-old daughter.

Martinez authorities and Cal/OSHA, the state’s workplace safety regulator, are now investigating the incident.


PROVIDED BY: Lem Garcia, West Covina Accident and Injury Lawyer




My deepest sympathy to the victim’s family and friends.  The loss of a loved one can’t be replaced, but seeking justice for your loved one’s wrongful death may help ease the financial burden your family may face without your lost loved one’s support.




Dump trucks present several dangers: collisions, tipping, and back-up incidents. 

Dump trucks are designed to be driven off-road, which means that the driver of a dump truck is seated in a much higher position than a regular car and there is a lot of ground clearance. This clearance means that when a regular car is in an accident with a dump truck it doesn’t hit the bumper of the truck. Instead, the car can go under the truck and the driver of the car is more susceptible to severe injuries because there is no bumper protection. There are currently efforts to require new trucks to provide better bumper protection for other drivers.

As mentioned in the tragic story above, tipping is another safety concern for dump truck drivers. Truck operators need to make sure that trucks are level before they begin unloading the truck bed’s contents. When a truck is not on level ground, the weight and balance of the truck can suddenly shift while unloading and can cause the truck to unintentionally move or worse yet, tip over.

The sheer size of the truck make it difficult for drivers to clearly see where they are going and can pose a significant threat when they are backing up. A spotter, mirrors, and electronic monitoring help the driver visualize the scene, but injuries and fatalities can still occur.

Let’s all be careful out there.

PROVIDED BY: Lem Garcia, West Covina Accident and Injury Lawyer