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My case is a slam dunk. why won’t an attorney take my case

my-case-is-a-slam-dunkIf you’ve been injured in a car accident and you think that your case is a slam dunk, but an attorney won’t take your case, you might not have a very good case or the attorney simply may not want to represent you because he or she believes that you may be a difficult client.

There are many issues to consider when determining whether or not a case is a good case. The most important issues to address when looking at a case are liability, damages, and insurance coverage. The more these issues are in your favor, the better your case is. Generally speaking each of the three must be present in order for you to have a good case. If you are missing any of the three issues, your case may have many problems that are unanticipated.

For example, it might be clear that the car accident was not your fault and your car was totaled. Unfortunately, you still have to prove the extent of your injury. Even though you were not at fault and the damage to your car is substantial, it is not a guarantee that the insurance company will pay you fairly for your pain and suffering. The next issue is proving how much you were hurt.

The insurance company may argue that you only suffered soft tissue injuries and that you did not need to receive as much medical treatment as you did. They may argue that you did not have to take time off of work because you were not injured very much. They may even argue that all of your injuries were pre-existing and not caused by the car accident. These types of arguments are very common and are used by the insurance company to hurt the value of your case so they do not have to pay you as much as they should.

Even though these arguments by the insurance company may not be true, they will use them in an attempt to lower the settlement value of your case. We understand that this process is not fair, but it is the reality of how insurance carriers attempt to settle your case for less than what it is worth.

That is just one example of why your case that might be a slam dunk to you may not be treated that way by the insurance company.

There are multiple reasons why a personal injury attorney may not take your case. Even if your case is good, he or she may not take it because their caseload is too large, or because there are problems with your case that will be too difficult and costly to overcome, your case may be too risky, or even because he or she foresees that you will be a difficult client to please.

At Lem Garcia Law, we try to help as many people who have been injured in car accidents as possible. We are not able to take every single case that comes to us, but you can rest assured that if we take your case, we will pursue your case vigorously to help make sure that you get the best result possible.

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By: Lem Garcia, car accident lawyer in West Covina